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Dark Mane are a team of experts, fully trained in the art of business efficiency and theory. We have worked with thousands of companies across the UK, and each one of them has made wholesale changes to the way in which they operate. Hours of time has been saved by our customers to date, and we are constantly being thanked by businesses that we have helped to turn themselves around.

Our management team has remained in place since Dark Mane was formed, back in 2010. The team benefitted from the experience of 7 staff members, who were all directors of previous organisations before they joined forces and became ABC Ltd. As such, we are proud to boast an expert knowledge of working practices, and enjoyed discussing a range of strategies and experiences in real-life businesses before agreeing on a set of solutions that are designed to change the face (and assumptions) of business practice throughout the UK.



Basic package

Our basic package is a six-week course, designed to cover the basics of business efficiency. . Beginning with business psychology,

Moderate package

Our moderate package covers all of the above but, in addition, looks at 'understanding your staff with specific guidance '


As previously mentioned, we have a selection of business efficiency packages to choose from. The details of each are discussed below.

Advanced package

Our advanced package covers all of the modules in our basic package, but is a much more hands-on experience

Our advanced package covers all of the modules in our basic package,

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